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Whether you have green, mustard yellow, or black algae in your pool, Algae Eaters Pool Care can solve the problem. Our team has the hands-on experience and top-of-the-line equipment needed to eradicate any type of algae.


Count on our local, family owned and operated business for affordable algae testing services. We can come to test your water weekly, and service your pool to ensure that it is safe for swimming. *Service doesn't include vacuuming.

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You don’t have to drain your whole pool if it has algae! Draining your pool may not entirely get rid of the algae and can cause structural damage to your pool. Algae Eaters Pool Care will use a vacuum to effectively eliminate your waste problem and will treat the water to make it clean again.


When you call Algae Eaters Pool Care, you won’t get an answering machine. We answer the phone all the time to provide you with the quickest service possible. For a FREE estimate, call 940-297-9231.

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